Sunday 12 June 2022

Article - Making music for dance accessible - Divya Ravi

European countries are peppered with arts organizations that associate with a handful of artistes for mutual growth and support. The organization supports the creative pursuits of the artiste (oft addressed as 'Resident Artiste') in a holistic manner, and the artiste reciprocates by working with the 'Home Organization' in myriad capacities.

If one were to look for a parallel in India, the dart lands straight in an alley in the quaint locality of Malleshwaram. Bengaluru based organization Ananya has been the 'Home Organization' to many a 'Resident Artiste', birthing innumerable artistic endeavours over the years. Everyone associated with Ananya, finds a home here, developing their artistic pursuits and spearheading various projects -in the basement studio or over a tea-time conversation in the home of Dr. R.V. Raghavendra and Dr. Pramila Bai, the masterminds behind Ananya.

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  1. Ananditakutum@gmail.com14 June 2022 at 00:47

    Topics such as these should be promoted more extensively. As aspiring/upcoming dancers we still are grappling with availability of good quality music/ recordings. Even my teacher is very happy to learn that such a platform exists for the artists even today.