Tuesday 1 June 2021

Anvesana's Reflections in Solitude stir creative energies to fresh leaps of hope - Taalam: column by Leela Venkataraman

Like a ray of sunshine amidst darkness was Anvesana - Reflections in Solitude, brainchild of Lata Pada, organised by her dance centre Sampradaya Dance Creations of Montreal in Canada. This unique initiative, premiering a digital dance festival of commissions, featuring an excellent choice of four dancers pertaining to different Indian classical disciplines, in solo performances, revealed how the quiet of non- performance, aside from not draining the performer's physical energies, does not reflect aridity in art. Creativity needs solitude and quiet for deep reflection and for new ideas to sprout, throwing up unexplored terrain leading to new directions, while being rooted in the ethos of the dance form.

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  1. Reading it I was transformed to the place as an audience, witnessing dance performances as I gi on reading word by word. That's power of writing of Smt Leela Venkatraman ji. In 1980s I used to read her articles in The Hindu and few other papers. As I read Smt Shanta Sarabjit ji. Both I consider as Guru since their writing kindled love for Dance. I learnt from Smt Prerna Shrimali ji at Gandharv mahavidyalay Delhi too. Last I saw and heard Leela ji at IHC centre I think in 2012-13.
    Nice reading. 🙏

  2. What a wonderful review. Made me so curious to see the work!