Saturday, 5 June 2021

Anita says...June 2021


The silence, was broken by a sob
In the darkness, a shadow trembled
The air was damp, with unshed tears...
...and had a strange smell of sorrow
The melancholic gloom..of a broken spirit, a bruised heart..
dying a slow deafening desolation!

- Romi Mittal

As the list of beloved and admired artistes being felled by the virulent India-B 16:17 variant increases almost daily, all of India is in intense lockdown mode. The rest of the world seems to be slowly unfurling into a quieter and more cautious movement towards "normalcy". The gates of homes are open, sidewalks are spilling over with friends finally meeting over coffee and endless chatter, and yes, artistes are prepping for some outdoor events this summer.
But not in India, as we seem to be facing a never ending stretch of dreary monotony.

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  1. Contd:

    For the kind attention of Kalakshetra Chairman, Director and others interested in the institution. See the list below published in the Narthaki Online by Dr. Anita Ratnam.  
    These members may be good in their respective fields  and probably they will perform in the Kalakshetra theatre.  But Please note none of them  will be in a position to help the institution with artistic contribution and  enhance the funding position or  generate funds for the institution. At least a few philanthropists and heads of charitable funding bodies  and Heads of commercial houses who have interest in art & culture should be included in the Board.  My humble suggestion please. V.P.Dhananjayan.