Sunday, 17 January 2021

Article - 1984 - Redux - Bharat Sharma

(Reflections on the 13th death anniversary of renowned choreographer Narendra Sharma)

How to take India’s dance forward…this question has been troubling dancers, choreographers, critics, connoisseurs, pundits, bureaucrats and art funders for long in India and international sphere. One way is to contrast developments in 20th century by making reference to the colonial question, East-West relations, civilizational discourse, dialectics of tradition and modern, unity and diversity, philosophical dispositions of ‘self’ and ‘other’, identity politics, gender relations, sexuality and of course the mind-body conundrum. Nevertheless, new ways of taking dance forward have come to stay, whether we like or not, and become integral part of performing arts in India – a distinct possibility, process, practice, theoretical reasoning and production of performance. Body in Performance was never culturally neutral.

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