Friday, 13 November 2020

Profile - Kala Vijayan - Venugopal SK

As part of my efforts to pay tributes to some of the finest gems in the field of Mohiniattam, who gave their lives and times to promote this beautiful dance form of Kerala, I wish to cover today, Kala Vijayan, one of the senior most dance teachers in Kerala, who I had a chance to interact with a few times during the past few months.

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  1. V.P.Dhananjayan Chennai.
    I am very pleased to read this column on Kala Vijayan whom we know from her childhood. A wonderful and consummate artiste she is a good combination of her illustrious father Krishnan Nair Assaan and Kalyanikutty Amma. While studying in Kalakshetra Kala used to perform Poothana Moksham quite often getting appreciation from Rukmini Devi Amma. We her seniors in the institution used to wonder about her facial expressions imbibed from her Kathakali legend Krishnan Nair. Some of us in Kalakshetra had the privilege of getting trained under Krishnan Nair Assaan. Kala Vijayan got her histrionic excellence from her father and literary scholarship from her mother who was both a scholar in Malayalam and Mohiniaattam. Both Kala Vijayan and her sister Devi are carrying the lineage of great artistes. My blessings to them

  2. Feel blessed to receive a comment from you Sir,on my humble attempt to write about an artist who I hold in very high esteem for her silent yet noteworthy contributions in promoting the dance form most selflessly. I am sure she will be elated to read your comments. My PRANAMS to you Sir.

  3. very well written covering kala teachers
    entire journey.