Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Interview - Rumya Natraj: Movements is life and life is a dance - Vijay Shanker

A professional clinical psychologist and an accomplished Bharatanatyam exponent, Rumya Natraj narrates her varied experiences as a teacher and performer and as a human being how one can make life beautiful with happiness and joy by sharing it with everyone through the medium of Indian classical dance and movement therapy.

Do you come from a dance background or is it a personal choice?
Of course, it is a personal choice. There is nobody in my family who is a professional classical dancer. I believe that I inherited this talent from my mother, who could have been a very talented dancer considering her natural attraction towards this art. However, in those days, she was not allowed to obtain technical training in the art. She used to choreograph by herself and perform whenever and wherever she got the opportunity, for instance in her school functions. When I was around 2 years old, she noticed the natural talent in me for dance from the way my body moved and flowed into unstructured movements as soon as I heard music. That's when she realised that I might have the interest as well to pursue this art and in due course she enrolled me in a class. I was never forced into anything. My mother made sure that I got exposure to most of the opportunities that came my way, so that I could choose whichever I wanted to continue with in future.

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