Tuesday 1 October 2019

Anita says...October 2019

My mistakes are my life.
- Samuel Beckett
Irish novelist and playwright

How many of us can say this? I saw this quotation printed on a tote bag in a quaint bookstore in Dublin, Ireland. It struck me, that could be the title of my memoir. The many, many mistakes along my journey - each becoming a teaching moment. The missed opportunities, the bungled collaborations, the stubborn ideas that I refused to push aside, the arrogant assumptions and presumptions, the stumbles, lurches and falls. Each embarrassing. Some in plain sight. Others, thankfully, hidden away. All papered over for the mask that is worn for the world that only wants to see what it wishes. Yet, it is through my mistakes that I have come to this moment.

So, can I just change the mood with a good old Texan welcome?

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