Friday 1 June 2018

Anita says...June 2018

"We should consider a day lost in which we don’t dance at least once."
- Friedrich Nietzsche (Philosopher)

May is a month of heat, holidays and hiatus.

It used to be that dancers would take a break from the searing heat to rest, recoup and reflect.
No longer. 
Too many dancers - too many platforms - too little money. The conundrum continues…

With such low expectations, dancers are content to zip their mouths and accept performance opportunities without any remuneration - in India.

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  1. Namaste Anita Mam,

    Thank you for bringing in the discussion on "Pay to perform" and here is one of my experience. A well circulated dance festival(using the word "circulated" to emphasize on both the social media promotion as well as moving cities) once hopped into my city. By seeing the huge platform i was really interested in participating . upon checking with the organizer, got a leaflet demanding 3000 rs for registration and after paying the dancers were not even allowed to videograph the performance. In order to get a copy of the performance the organizer demanded 4000rs per copy.they also fixed prices as in for one an XYZ title it cost 15,000 rs and so on.This is the situation which being prevailing and its a crux time to establish a committee to authorize such festivals and recognize or create few platforms for the young artist which rather curtailing there piggy banks, help them enrich their learning. like offerings a walking leader program by an exponential guru than giving a certificate or a title. I believe the only reason for these festivals to last is because of the lust to win titles than knowledge.