Thursday 16 March 2017

Article - 20 rare facts about King Serfoji II in the field of dance and music - Prince Pratap Sinha Raje Bhosle

King Serfoji II devoted his life, interest and wealth for the cultural uplift in spheres of literature, medicine, music, dance, drama and other fine arts which paved the way for an upheaval in art, literary and cultural fields.
Swati Thirunal, Maharaja of Travancore, kept contact with King Serfoji II ((Maharaja of Thanjavur from 1798 to 1832) even before he came to the throne and exchanged scholars, musicians and even their personal compositions. Saint Tyagaraja, Syama Sastrigal, Muthuswami Dikshitar - the musical trinity - were the contemporaries of Rajah Serfoji II. Eminent dance masters like Gangaimuthu, Salapathy, Subbarayan, Mahadana Annachi, Tanjore Quartet and Sundari were patronised by Serfoji. 

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  1. Thanks for providing so much insightful information about King Sarfoji II's contribution to Bharatiya sanskriti and parampara. I would like to know more about the chhatrams that he opened. I am also interested in the thought of Tirumular who stressed feeding the poor and hungry. Did Sarfoji II write about him?

  2. Pls suggest a book in English on "sarabendra bhupala kuravanji"...

  3. Thank you for this information.