Friday, 3 February 2017

The non-traditional Traditionalist - Padmini Ravi

Summer of 65. My father had just died. I was 9 years old, scared and sad. I joined Sarasalaya mainly to overcome my sadness. Thus started my journey with Teacher, K.J Sarasa.
 She made me perform Kedaram Tillana in a production just 6 months after I had joined. I did my Arangetram in just 2 years. I wonder how!!! More than the tangible element called Dance, what is still etched in my memory is the intangibles. I grew up as an essential part of her family. I was too young to understand the importance and implications of her style of teaching and life. While I was aware that all the leading film stars were her students and with some of whom I had also performed, I never realized that my mind was being influenced, till much later. 

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