Monday, 27 February 2017

Not just anyBODY - Poison-free nourishment - Nimmi Ittycheria John

Thirty years of telling people what to eat and how good it was for their
 bodies got me thinking…. Was I being too theoretical… Is a carrot 
really good for you? And what about the much talked about greens?

To my horror, after the time I have spent with farmers and their 
practices, I discovered that I was wrong all those years. Not because 
the vegetables have changed, but because our methods of cultivation 
spell slow death for all those who consume them. We often scoff at those
 who take their own lives with a swig of poison and the like. We have 
not given much thought to the fact that this is precisely what each us 
is indulging in everyday rather obliviously albeit in smaller doses.

Which led me to the question ‘are we just filling ourselves or are we 
nourishing ourselves?’ or worse, ‘are we poisoning ourselves?’
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