Friday 28 October 2016

Not just anyBODY: a health and fitness column - Dancing is NOT aerobic exercise! - Dr. Madhu Thottappilli

Last month a lady came to me for a consultation with regard to her daughter, all of about 14 or 15 years old for some elbow related issue. While in the course of discussion I noticed that the young girl was slightly obese. Just out of concern, I generally quizzed her on what sports she was into, her mother cut in and said she was into classical dancing and that was taking up her extra time and hence she had no time for sports or any other forms of fitness activity.  She also went on to convey that since her daughter was getting the needed exercise from dancing, she didn’t need anything extra. 

This got me thinking about the numerous times I have had this conversation with professional and amateur dancers who are very complacent in the thought that their dancing and the practice that went into their performances were adequate exercise. ‘Dancing is not aerobic exercise’ was the take away that I read from a recent article in an international journal of Sports and Exercise medicine.

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  1. Finally .....we have an expert saying that . I have been trying to tell my students that just dancing is not enough....cross training is so important....great to know this is being discussed.....