Friday 28 October 2016

Ideate, Instill, Inspire - TRENDING by Ashish Mohan Khokar

AA: Not the Automobile Association or Alcoholics Anonymous but Annette & Anuj. Both from as vast spaces as Paris and Pari-war (family feud) Lucknow; Kathakali and Kathak. By now my comment in my many columns long ago has gone viral. The comment was that one Indian dance writer - a clueless dance writer/ from foreign service, hence almost a foreigner! (most live outside India half their lives, so can be clueless about Indian culture) - who had 3 columns going around on dance in Delhi, 3 decades ago asked me, “When did Ali get added to Kathak? (to become Kathakali?)” has gone viral and in every seminar and city I speak in now, with my films on dance history and heritage, someone in the audience pops up this question seeking identity of this great late writer. I say let dead remain dead. No ghost writing here!

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  1. It is a piece of vivid word description of all that happened in alliterative and idiomatic language, coupled with brevity, and crispness.
    I felt as if I was seeing the productions sitting in each of
    the venues. Tapati Chowdhurie