Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Mothers by Daughters & Others - I’m also coming! - Rama Vaidyanathan

She was nine months pregnant with her fourth child and was an ardent dance lover. Never learnt it formally, but over the years had developed a deep understanding of the dance form as well as its content. She went to watch the prima donna Yamini Krishnamurthy perform at the College of Military Engineering, Pune, where her Army officer husband was posted. So overwhelmed was she by the dance that the infant inside her womb started kicking with great vigour. To top it all, much to the chagrin of the people around her she with her huge belly stood up on a chair to get a better view of the dancer’s feet dancing the Tarangam! “This child inside me has to learn dance from this dancer!”she declared to herself. 

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  1. Hello Rama Chechi,
    I am always your great fan and this post is so touching, a tribute to your Amma. I could see Dakshina following your fluid feet in the same pace of yours. You are blessed to have a wonderful daughter who is chasing your moves and steps and Dakshina blessed to get a wonderful mother and Guru like you.

    Keep writing.

    Loved it ☺
    Priya Menon