Saturday 13 August 2016

Article - Dhepa Dhol / Dhepa Dhulia dance - Meenakshi Medhi

Dhepa Dhol, made from the trunk of mango tree, is a cylindrical drum of 1.5 mtr length. It takes 6 to 7 days to prepare the instrument. For better preservation, “Matia tel” (oil) is used while making this dhol. This dhol has a narrow left end which is called “Taali”. It is interesting that both ends of the dhol is covered with leather made from the skin of Khassi goat. The right end which is said to be “Kup” is double layered and has a small hole on the outer layer. With the help of “Pani Khuwa Khila” (the hole on the outer layer) water is poured into the small hole between the layers so as to get a thud sound. A unique sound is created when the Kup end of the drum is beaten with the "Bojuwa baah" (playing stick made with bamboo) . The instrument is so known as dhepa dhol due to the unique sound produced.

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