Thursday 19 November 2015

Interview - In conversation with Lakshmi Mani - Deepika Acharya

Lakshmi Mani is considered one of the finest of Kuchipudi dancers, having received acclaim for her grace and abhinaya. A tete-a-tete with Lakshmi Mani, who was in Bengaluru recently as the chief guest for the Kuchipudi Parampara Natya Utsav.
How do you find the Kuchipudi scene here in Bengaluru?
Bengaluru has been very encouraging and welcoming to all forms of dance. Kuchipudi is particularly popular here and this is something I’ve been observing ever since my first performance in this ‘Garden City’ almost two decades ago in the famed Chowdiah Hall. Even today, I see a lot of enthusiastic, committed learners here. However, to rise above mediocrity, it is the responsibility of the local gurus (many of who are my good friends) to channelize the energies of these young aspirants in the right way.

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  1. I feel special to be the FIFTIETH person to like the conversation in such short time. It is doubly delightful to observe the mention of her daughter as her accompanist in voice whom we dearly identify as our young friend Naveena.

  2. Nandri..for sending this interview link to my mail id.Those who dedicate their lives for preserving our traditional classical art-forms deserve appreciation....8331926163(always BSNL)