Saturday, 14 November 2015

Article - Trials, travails and tribulations - Ranee Kumar

Whenever you come across a young brilliant, starry-eyed dancer with passion and commitment, your flagging hope on the future of our classical art form gets resuscitated.  But as you delve into the present environs under which dance has to be nourished and advanced, well, your spirits sink!  The big question mark rises to a point blank range and one is bound to wonder if this is a level playing field at all? 

In my two decades-old career, I have acquired the sensibilities to assess an artiste’s potential within the first 15 minutes, an up-and-coming dancer or musician being no exception.  And I’ve also seen them make a mark in the field another five years later. Meteoric rise is not possible under normal circumstances in any creative arts field.  

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