Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Base Notes - “Sastric Tradition in Indian Classical Dances” - Shanta Serbjeet Singh

Chetna Jyotishi Beohar is a Kathak dancer, an aesthete, an administrator of the arts and an avid scholar.  Her new book Sastric Tradition in Indian Classical Dances published by Agam Kala Prakashan, deserves notice for all  these reasons as well as  the singular one that she is well versed in both classical dance Kathak,  as well as Sanskrit.
Dance studies suffer from two factors—limited pedagogical knowledge of the tools of research coupled with little or no proficiency in different languages. The dance scholar who has knowledge, say of Kathak, as well as of Persian and Urdu, besides Sanskrit, Hindi and English can definitely contribute original insights into the impact of political forces such as the changes in cultural history that accompanied the advent of the Moguls in the medieval period. Chetna Beohar has research and publication of many books on Kathak to her credit.  Add to it proficiency in Sanskrit and you have the right foundation for some original insights.

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