Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Article - Education in spiritual values through Bharatanatyam: Part VI Bharatanatyam and Yoga - Chandra Anand

Indian classical dance has been equated to yoga. The practice of Indian classical dances and other classical arts is said to be akin to meditation. The spiritual, mental and physical discipline required for complete harmony of mind and body is found in yoga philosophy. “Yoga is adeptness or efficiency in any activity undertaken by the individual: this is the karmasu  kausalam of the Bhagavad Gita. Yoga is the power of withdrawal of mental energy from all activity not directed towards the single end in view; it is also perspicacity of vision which enables one to see the underlying unity of everything”.[1]
Similarity in Yoga and Indian classical dance
During meditation, one concentrates on the chakras particularly agnya chakra. The common factor in the practice of yoga and Bharatanatyam, is the fact that both need to concentrate on the chakras (the psycho-physical centers) of the body. The chakras together form “the thought body of the trans-migratory soul.”[2] The chakras lie on the central line of the body that demarcates the left and the right parts of the body (bilateral symmetry). 

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