Saturday 8 March 2014

Article - Madhur Milan - Mayuri Upadhya

Nritarutya’s latest production ‘Madhur Milan’ was staged on Feb 15, 2014 at the Ambani matriarch’s residence. The beauty of our myths is that it is timeless, the characters of gods and goddess are relatable and most importantly it can hold meaning even in a modern day with its newer realities. Last entire month we celebrated Ganapathi, Krishna and Shakthi and how. It was an enormous feat taking a crew of 102 to Mumbai for a very special occasion: to commemorate the 80th birthday celebrations of Kokilaben Dirubhai Ambani at her Mumbai residence, Sea Wind. While speaking with Kokilaben, in my earlier meets, I discovered that one of her beautiful traits is her love for god; she is a god loving and not god fearing person. She is a devotee of Sri Nathji and her relationship with god reminded me of Yashodha’s vatsalya, Radha’s preethi, and Meera’s bhakti. 

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