Thursday 7 November 2013

Article - An evolution - Vishwa Kiran

Nritarutya’s principal dancer Vishwa Kiran talks about his experience working with choreographer Madhuri Upadhya on the piece ‘Trishanku’ for the company’s production ‘Prayog 4.’

‘Want and Need,’ ‘Angry and Reckless,’ ‘Failure and perseverance.’ Trishanku has been a very personal and emotional process for Madhuri Upadhya and me. It has moved beyond a space of a mere dance performance to a space where I am living the dance. Initially, when we began discussing the piece and its structure, Madhuri decided to construct the piece in a manner that it leaves the audience in a different state of mind from the one they were in when it began. To achieve that, I had to be in a different mental space to generate a desired emotion in a confined space to a very specific speed. So the sessions used to be very quiet and extremely productive, where one instructed and the other executed with utmost honesty, while the other observed and interrupted only if required.

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