Friday 25 October 2013

Interview - Priya Murle: Perspective in performance - Nanditha Ashok

In both performance as well as conversation, Bharatanatyam dancer Priya Murle depicts dance as an art beyond the body and uses her talents to establish a connection with her audience; exactly what the Natya Shastra calls for in the act of creating pure rasa.  As she gears up for the upcoming season, Priya Murle talks about her perspective on abhinaya and approach to choreography.
What are some projects you are currently involved in?
Currently, in addition to my solo choreography, I am working on a few projects for the season.  First is Prof. Sudharani Raghupathy’s new production called ‘Tripaada’ where I am playing Mahabali in the retelling of Vamana Avataram story.  Also, I am working with my group Parasaha which includes Roja Kannan, N. Srikanth and Aswathy Srikanth.  We are doing a large-scale production on motherhood, in addition to other small programs.  

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