Sunday, 22 September 2013

Article - The journey of dance - Padmavani Mosalikanti

Indian dance or natya as we all know was born with a purpose and has been growing as a beautiful tree with its roots in the divine earth.  This tree has spread across the horizons with its innumerable branches (shakhas), each branch representing a style of dance. One can think of the tree being in its prime when its flowers are in full bloom and spreading its fragrance worldwide. But as we enjoy the fragrance, we should not forget the purpose with which its seeds were sown on earth. Dance was born not only as a mere entertainment, but also for ‘loka kalyanam’ or social welfare. Is our dance fulfilling its objective today? Or would it ever fulfill? What is its state today in our society? Are we as dancers doing justice to the art we have learnt putting in so many years of hard work? With all these questions revolving in my mind for a long time, a very fruitful talk with a singer triggered me to pen down my thoughts into words.

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  1. Dear Vani!
    It is a great write up.
    However I would have loved it if you had said 'some dancers take to unfair and unethical means to prove they are successful' instead of generalising the whole lot.Also most dancers of merit do not demean the importance of musicians nor take undue credit.
    And regarding your contention that quality singers do not sing for dance,I would like to add that most of the singers who sing for dance can give the other-quality-singers a run for their money...
    They are a fantastic lot ranging from Hariprasad sir,Sreekanth,Girija akka,Veeraraghavan anna,Radha Badri,Vanati akka,Chitrambari...the veterans to Kaushik,Randhini,Roshini and an entire brigade of younger lot.
    That DANCE has become accessible to anybody irrespective of caste or gender distinctions does not by itself mean that there is no discrimination whatsoever.
    I do not subscribe to the view that ' a Brahmin is apprehensive to speak out his identity'.There may not be an apprehension really,it is only possible that they have grown past the four fold caste system.
    Otherwise there is a new breed which flaunts their Iyer Iyengar surnames and there are a considerable lot of women among them.
    And this has no relevance to DANCERS being more responsible. Resposibility is not directly proportional or remotely connected to the Universality of the Art form.
    Thank you again for the wonderful article...
    Proud to be a dancer!

  2. Very nicely written Kavitha Ramu akka!

  3. Dear Vani,
    Good article, behind good spirits. Although I do think the best thing that has happened in today’s world is, the classical arts have turned to be accessible and approachable to all beyond all bars. And this is what has proved its universality. Whether a Brahmin to be apprehensive or a non Brahmin to be self possessed is not the question. It is not ones nativity or any innate customary identity that gives him the privilege to do whatever he wants to do; but the clarity of mind and thought to serve the art, selfless and genuine. As you pointed out, the message is to all of us, who have taken up this path as our living and being. Congrats!