Sunday 12 August 2012

Mothers by daughters - My mother Parvathi - Deepa Shivananda

Sharing a few episodes from my childhood...

Imagining Hema Malini and Vyjayanthimala when she was expecting me, Amma encouraged me to learn Bharatanatyam. It was in 1990, on Vijayadasami, that we started my dance class. “So you like dance,” my guru asked and I just nodded saying “yes” not realizing that Amma’s one basic interest and efforts would change the next 20 years of my life significantly and make me what I am today - a transformed young woman with a goal to realize the dream that my mother had initiated.

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  1. Lucky to have mother like smt Parvathi Bhavani shanker who dreamed of you becoming A GREAT BHARATANATYAM DANCER and you fulfilled her dream.Keep it up.I feel mom is your first guru.

  2. Dear Deepa,
    I have met your mother long back . I think it was when you have performed at Mamta Modern School and you were returning back home. I had even spoken to her on phone once to congratulate you for winning Boogie Woogie competition. She was very thankful.i too have always found you were very focused towards dance. Touching article on your mother. Keep it up.