Saturday, 19 May 2012

Mothers by daughters - Amma Endru Azhaikaadha Uyir Illayae - Sweta Ravisankar

(The title in Tamil translates to “There is not a single soul that does not call out for its mother.”)

Amma Yaar - this is what I call her with love, anger, frustration and sadness. These words even flash on my cell phone when she is trying to reach me. Simple though it may seem, it always reminds me that she is my mother as well as my best friend. It brings me a lot of joy to give you a glimpse of the woman who inspires me to keep improving every minute of every day.

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  2. Beautifully written article Sweta. We can see that talent runs in the family! We wish you all the best and my God help you to grow more and more. Best wishes for all your endeavors.
    Love & Regards,

  3. Oddly, we may be related. Are you Dorai mama's (Guruvilas) granddaughter?

  4. Hello Rajesh,

    I am Guruvilas Dorai mama's younger brother Mani's (Sanakaramani's) grand daughter.

    How are you related to Dorai Mama?