Wednesday 11 April 2012

Mothers by Daughters - Demystifying Maya - Madhu Nataraj

It is indeed a daunting task to write about how one ‘perceives’ their guru and if the guru happens to be your mother, it gets even tougher!
Dr. Maya Rao’s name is synonymous with dance. Internationally renowned Kathak exponent, recognized for her path breaking choreographies and for her pioneering work in the field of dance education, she personifies grace and dignity and lives her life by example.
From my childhood days of falling asleep on her lap to the sound of ghungroos and the tabla, memories of her supervising my homework and walking me to school, cajoling my school authorities to grant me leave so I could travel with her on her international tours to teaching and guiding me through my initial years in dance to today, where she is my strongest consultant, critic and proud mentor. Every single day of our lives we traverse from our equation as mother and daughter to Guru and Shishya ...effortlessly.
A recipient of  several prestigious awards such as the President of India award, Shantala prashasti, the Emeritus fellowship , honorary doctorate, to mention a few, this year she adds 2 more awards to her awards kitty. I speak to her about her life, her dance…

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  1. That was a great Q & A session between Madhu Natraj and Dr.Maya Rao . When the passion lives in you the dreams come true .For Madhu the journey begins once again . She is tireless , Passionate and ardent in the pursuit of her profession and I am sure MayaRao's ambition of setting up her dream project will be completed by her dedicated daughter and disciple . The family wishes them good luck .