Wednesday 4 April 2012

Margam Festival, Bengaluru (March 29 - 31, 2012) - Dr.Sunil Kothari

An unusual three day festival focusing on varnams in Bharatanatyam suite was conceived by Usha RK based in Bengaluru. She has been active since past 30 years and is organizing several dance events. As a part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of The Music Academy of Bengaluru at Chowdaiah Hall, co-sponsored by Dept. of Kannada and Culture, with support from SLV Enterprises, Indus Sports Resorts Pvt. Ltd, Vaishnavi Palace, Nrityanjali School of Bharatanatyam of Poornima Ashok, Usha succeeded in her aim at focusing attention on varnams.

Every evening at 6 pm, dancers took to the stage and within one hour performed a varnam, preceded by a number and included one more number either a javali or a tillana after the varnam. But the aim was to concentrate for nearly 45 minutes on varnam to retain its flavor to relish the structure and scope of abhinaya in a varnam with its musical excellence, bringing back the glory of a varnam in the present day dance scenario, where attention span of the audience has been wavering within 30 minutes and varnams are getting shortened to suit the patience of the audiences.

A praiseworthy aim and indeed succeeded as the audience, though thin (on account of forthcoming examinations towards end of March) responded with rounds of applause at the right moments. The evening performances were a connoisseurs’ delight. There was a conscious effort on part of the performers to give the best while enjoying the time frame that allowed them to relax and not rush through.

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  1. Get festival organised by somebody, pay the hotel bills of CRITICS & get good reviews, way to go bangalore ARTISTS.

    we upcoming dancers are left to either follow you or quit!!!!!!!

  2. Well, it is sad to know that senior critics also indulge in such tactics. So, now we know what the reviews are based on.