Thursday, 13 October 2011

Malaysia Diary - Dr. Sunil Kothari

Asia Pacific International Dance Conference
Theme Hybridity in Dance: Researching, Performing and writing Old and New Genres.

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  1. Dear Sunil Kothari Ji,

    Thank you for this wonderful expression of your stay here in Malaysia for this most celebrated event.I am Geetha Shankaran -Lam, who, as you have named as 'Githika' in the closing of the festival. I was invited to present in the closing under my banner of Emerging Choreographers representing a colourful closing. In that choice I had included my son- Hariraam (20) who played Krishna and also my young girl, Sangametra,my daughter (9), who played Radha's Sakhi. This exploration was to highlight the sustenance of artforms in what we call a lineage and parampara. The only 2 people who were missing were my other son -Giri911) who also dances odissi & my husband (who teaches drama, does the writing & designing at the TFA).

    For me, it has been a wonderful time and long journey of my life spent with not only Ramli (Odissi), Krishna Kumari(Bharatha Natyam), Swami Shantanand (TFA _my spiritual mentor and Guru), As the Odissi Head of Deapartment for the last 20 years at the TFA, i had contributed a great deal of time and efoort in structuring the current setup as you have felt the grandeur of the place.It is Swamiji's love & blessings.
    Inspired by Him,and the work that I had in promise to him for the development fo odissi, with resilience i have had to creatively input and work in the last 30 years, having imbibed many thoughts and creative inputs from Gurus of India as well.Much research and training has been developed.
    I was very honoured to have you, dear Sir, amongst the audience that evening. My children are my legacy and that was the point of my participation in the festival though I was given a solo slot. And I chose a Pallavi in Raag Vajrakanthi - pada Kadamba Bane Bansi , as taught by Guru Durga Charan Ranbir of the Deba Prasad Das lineage. It was a work many had not seen before here in Malaysia, and therefore I was happy to present it.
    Dear Sunilji, there are many Indian classical dancers in Malaysia that may not get the necessary exposure or advertisement, but they do exist and do continue their daily sadhana to keep the flag flying high and more so to understand and delve deeper into the sacred meaning of Dance & Music.
    I thank you sir for this lovely recount of your visit & stay here. It was a pleasure to perform. thank you. God Bless.