Saturday 4 July 2009

Mothers by daughters - Eternal inspiration - Vasumathi Badrinathan

Some memories live forever. They remain by you – silent shadows of the past, they grow with you. Her memory dwells in my subconscious like a protective canopy. For, she was one such person whom it is not easy to forget. She was around all the time, her wonderful personality spreading everywhere; she still is always around now. Her presence exuded warmth and made the house into a perfect home.

She shaped my life. She very deftly manipulated the reins she held and took me unfailingly towards my destination. She became the master craftsman of my life and executed her travail effortlessly, tastefully and beautifully. She held my hands all through, lest I stumbled over the thorny paths of life. She had understood what was best for me and led me assertively to achieve my goals. She was my perennial source of encouragement, urging me all the time to perform better. Sad, that the best things came when she wasn’t there to see her efforts bearing fruit – it was ordained to be that way. 

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