Saturday 6 June 2009

Mothers by daughters - God could not be everywhere so he created Mothers - Meenakshi Chittaranjan

My mother Savithri Sabanayagam belonged to an era when girls had to live by the rules and norms dictated by society – she obeyed her parents implicitly – got married and the story of her husband and children became her life. She did not deem it a great sacrifice but derived great pleasure and pride in losing her identity and living her life through them.

Born into an aristocratic family – the eldest granddaughter of the Zaminder of Chunampet and the eldest daughter of SS Rajan, landlord of Madurai - she was brought up loved and protected. She was well educated and completed her graduate studies from Presidency College. She was married to my father Mr. P Sabanayagam IAS who rose to high levels of power and eminence in his civil service career. This opened a whole new world to my mother. From a much cocooned atmosphere she was thrown open to the outside world and her adventure to all the good things in life began.

She made the best use of this exposure. She became a very confident, articulate and a people's person and made her presence and impact be felt wherever she went. She developed an exquisite taste for sarees, jewellery, painting, and artifacts and her greatest pleasure was shopping for her loved ones. 

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