Sunday 17 September 2023

Tribute - Rukmini Rasiah of Yogaville: Iron lady with a flower heart - The Dhananjayans


Rukmini Rasiah, affectionately addressed by all of us as 'Amma Rasiah' was a colossus of a dynamic personality. Short but gigantic intellectual with sharp crystal clear convictions of a rare quality. A woman of substance, she lived up to 105, a phenomenal achievement indeed for a Srilankan repatriate in the USA.

(Rukmini Rasiah passed away on 27 August 2023, at the age of 105 at her daughter Padma Rasiah's residence in Richmond, USA)

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  1. Amma Rasiah continues to be an inspiration to us who have attended the Yogaville Gurukulam for many years. We will miss her. She will be respected and loved forever. Thank you Amma Rasiah🙏💕

  2. Katherine Kunhiraman- KALANJALI18 September 2023 at 23:35

    For all the years Amma Rasiah made the Dhananjayans gurukulam run, we sent many of our students all the way from California to experience a month of total dedication to natya. It gave them a tremendous push in focus and inspiration, to live in a divine atmosphere, and to fall in love with my own teachers. She had her hand on every aspect of the camp, and expended her energy into every corner. Her life is a lesson for us all.