Thursday 22 June 2023

Navarasa - A Virtual Dance Festival - Taalam: column by Leela Venkataraman


Kathak aesthetics in a virtual festival
Conceived by Ashish Khokar of Attendance, Navarasa-A Virtual Dance Festival under the aegis of Delhi's Habitat Centre, began with a Kathak presentation by Nadam of Bangalore, run by Nandini K Mehta and K. Murali Mohan Kalva - the aesthetics of the performance showing a happy blend of tradition and eclecticism.
From a drop to the ocean
Continuing the off-beat Virtual Festival showing, was Bindu Ru Sindhu in the Odissi style, presented by Gunjan Dance Academy of Odisha's Cuttack, conceptualized by Meera Das who runs the institution. The literary base provided by the poetry of Kedar Mishra, using the water image, is spun round the idea that even the most expansive of entities has its start in the Bindu or infinitesimal dot. 

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  1. Murali Mohan Kalvakalva23 June 2023 at 22:08

    Leela ji! What an honour to be noticed and to have been penned by you. Thank you for the encouragement and generosity. It increases our mileage to go in and do better. Thanks indeed for noticing all the nuances through the entire program. Pranams. 🙏🏻

  2. Leela Ji,
    Accept my Pranam. It’s always an honour to be reviewed by you. Your Suggestions are always valuable and as I dancer and choreographer I am sure it will take me a long way in my artistic journey
    Need your blessings and support.
    Meera Das

  3. Pranaam Leela ji!

    I am a student of NADAM. I would like to thank you immensely for such a beautiful review. It means a lot to everyone at NADAM. I have seen my Gurus toil over a decade and a half, building their legacy, carefully working on each student, giving utmost attenion to the creative process be it music or choreography. Blessed to be a student of NADAM🙏

  4. Pranam Leelaji
    I am Shalini Khare, student of Nadam. Thanks for writing such beautiful review about my Gurus. They have been serving kathak for many years by teaching students like us selflessly.
    Words are less to describe our gratitude . We bow down to their feet.

  5. namaste Leela ji
    thank you so much for your excellent review. all the students of nadam are incredibly grateful to our gurus nandini didi and murli sir for their excellent training,love and care shown towards us .
    thank you
    poorna Acharya ( student of nadam )

  6. Namaste Leela ji,

    I am a proud student of NADAM and am grateful for your kind review. Nandini ji and Murali ji are more than gurus to all of us. They teach with a lot of attention, love and generosity.. it has been a pleasure and an honour learning from them. And continues to be. We are truly blessed.

    Thank you
    Smitha Srinivasan

  7. Namaste Leela ji,
    It is a moment of immense pride and gratitude to read your words of appreciation for my Gurus and Guru Behens. I am grateful to be a student of NADAM and be trained and nurtured by Guru Nandini Mehta and Guru Murali Mohan.
    Chandana Ramesh

  8. Namaste Leela jee,
    It's an absolute honor for an artist being reviewed by a legendary person like you.
    Thank you

  9. Arpita Banerjee29 June 2023 at 14:34

    Namashkar Leela ji!

    Its a matter of honor and pride to get such a generous and kind review from you. I feel blessed to have been trained and mentored under Nandini ji and Murali ji who are more than our Gurus and always have been kind, selfless, motivating and supportive towards us. I am always grateful to my Gurus and to be a part of NADAM 🙏

    Arpita Banerjee