Wednesday 12 April 2023

Profile - Bhavna Pani: Rise above all labels and just be - Nainika Mukherjee

Bhavna Pani is an accomplished Odissi dancer and a film and theatre actress based in Mumbai. She is the disciple of Guru Jhelum Paranjape. She started training in Odissi under Guru Ravindra Atibudhi at the Nalanda Dance Research Centre, Juhu. Alongside her training under the tutelage of Jhelum Paranjape, Bhavna attended multiple residency intensive workshops with Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra. Bhavna also trained in Kathak dance under Guru Neelima Azeem, a well-known disciple of Pt Birju Maharaj.

What is interesting to note is that Jhelum Paranjape is also a mathematics professor, thus attributing to the perfect and precise geometrical alignments and formations in her choreographies. As a dedicated disciple, Bhavna's recitals and performances always have and continue to reflect the same precision and meticulousness in her hand gestures and body language as her Guru's. Such a level of detailing is rare, yet delightful to see in today's dancers. 

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