Saturday 7 January 2023

Interview - The camera can tell a story without even having a dialogue: Innee Singh - Shveta Arora

Delhi based Innee Singh has been photographing portraits, weddings, Indian classical dances and music for two decades. He speaks to Narthaki about his work and inspiration.

When did you begin working as a photographer? How and why did you take it up, and why classical dance and music photography in particular? Was there any influence or inspiration?

I began photographing dance sometime in 2005, starting with Kathak. At the time, though, I did not share any pictures with anyone, and posted them just a few times on my social media.

I come from a business family that has been making and selling musical instruments since the 1950s. My grandfather started the company, called BINA, and specialized in harmoniums. Since I'd been around musical instruments from the beginning, I used to try and play most of them. I was always interested in the sarod and the tabla. My inspiration was always Ustad Amjad Ali Khan sahab and Ustad Zakir Hussain. I have been learning sarod from the legendary Ustad Amjad Ali Khan sahab for about six to seven years now. I can easily call myself the most disappointing shagird (disciple) Abba ji has ever had. But I feel blessed to be learning from him and being in his presence is a blessing itself.

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