Thursday 3 November 2022

Profile - Kshetrimayum Ibetombi Devi (1936-2022)- Sinam Basu Singh

Kshetrimayum Ibetombi Devi (popularly known as dancer Ibetombi) passed away on October 20, 2022. Her contribution in the field of Manipuri dance is immense. Through her, Maibi Jagoi / Maibi dance of Lai Haraoba is known worldwide. She brought the traditional ritual Maibi dance for the first time on proscenium stage and it is successfully performed worldwide in the present day. This is her great contribution.

In conversation with her, Guruji told me that she was the first woman who performed ‘Khousaba’ of spear movement from Manipur martial art Thang Ta and Pung Cholom from Nata Sankirtan. It was my good fortune that I met Guruji in her late stage of life, since 2016 onwards.

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