Sunday, 10 October 2021

Interview - An imaginary interview with Guru Gopinath - Part 2 - Tapati Chowdurie


Since you were not conversant with the English language what was the language of communication between you and Ragini Devi?

In my conversations with Ragini Devi, I used broken English, Sanskrit, Malayalam and Hindi, profusely using the two English words 'yes' and 'no'. And if that didn't help, I used hand gestures to communicate with her. Madhava Warrier and I were curious to know the content of the English newspaper reports about our performance in the Opera House on December 12th and hence we requested Ragini Devi to read these reports to us. She read it out. But we understood only a few words.

How did the audience react to your performances?

On Dec 13th, we repeated our Opera House programme. We had more audience on the13th than the previous day. The audience cheered and clapped enthusiastically after each and every scene. The newspapers next day praised our performance.

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