Sunday 20 August 2000

Interview - Kamala Lakshman, Bharatanatyam dancer and Guru - Lalitha Venkat

Born on June 16, 1934, with a career span of more than five decades on the stage and three on the silver screen, Kamala, the prime disciple of Natyacharya Vazhuvoor Ramiah Pillai, is acknowledged as the foremost exponent of the 'Vazhuvoor Bani', a style characterised by grace, finesse and aesthetic appeal.

When did you start your dance career?
I started learning kathak from Lachu Maharaj, Prof. More and Sunderprasad when I was 3 and half years old. My first performance was in 1939 in Mumbai at Astik Samaj when I was 5 years old. I remember it was on Sriramanavami Day. I also learnt Hindustani music from Shankar Rao Vyas.


  1. She was, is and will always be THE dancer who propelled my generation to throng the dance schools.

    1. Sister kumari kamala ungaluku epdii inspiration aananga nu share panna mudiuma....