Tuesday 26 May 2020

Interview - Siblings by Kuchipudi - B. Naveena

Sitalakshmi Prasad and Pasumarthi Mruthyumjaya Sarma count easily among the impressive exponents of Kuchipudi in the current crop. Apart from being solo performers, they often come together as a duo, with palpable synergy of taandava and laasya. While it is common to have a sibling, parent or spouse as dancing partner, what makes this pair unique is that they are bonded solely by passion for Kuchipudi: a passion so enduring, leading them to brave geographical barriers, personal handicaps and adverse circumstances to emerge not only as fine performers and teachers, but more importantly, as devotees of Kuchipudi and its great masters.

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  2. Both Sitalakshmi and Mruthyunjaya Sarma adhere to the traditional form of Kuchipudi and bring out the innate grace and vigour of this unique dance form. It's a pleasure to watch them on the stage complementing each other in every move while seamlessly blending elegance and energy in their performance.