Wednesday 14 August 2019

Prism - Shringaar in Odissi dance: A recollection - Translated from Odia by Malabika Patel, Edited, notes and pics by Ileana Citaristi

(Translated from an Odia speech given by Harapriya Devadasi in the seminar on Odissi dance organised by Kendriya Sangeet Natak Akademi in July 1975 at Bhubaneswar)

I have been asked to say something about the getup and costume of Odissi dance. What shall I narrate; happy events, sad events or my own life experiences? I have no knowledge of scriptures. Whatever I have learnt is from my service and based on that, I have prepared something which I will now read out. Yesterday, Dhiren Babu said the fragrance has vanished, only the rag remains. I admit the scent has gone but the rag is still fresh. Because the piece of cloth is there, so much discussion is taking place and so many artists have gone and performed Odissi dance all over the world. What more can I say? Our service however remains the same. Service means giving happiness. Yesterday Rajguru-ji and Rathasharma-ji had said that we Devadasi were named 'Swamini'.

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