Saturday 19 January 2019

Concept to execution: ANEKA a clean winner - Taalam: column by Leela Venkataraman

In both concept and execution of Sri Krishna Gana Sabha's 38th Natya Kala Conference titled Aneka, Dr. Srinidhi Chidambaram, convenor for the third successive year, has raised the bar of the event so high, that it is going to be a hard act to emulate for the successor who takes over the baton. Under three categories of Timeless, Transformative andTrending, Aneka became the umbrella covering in its daily deliberations, "the old and the new, the young and the old, the accepted and the problematic, the global and the local." 

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  1. I was there in the panel discussion on caste and privilege and nowhere Nrithya spoke out of hatred or entitlement. The tone of this report is nothing but threatening and the author seems to be spewing hatred on this issue against Nrithya for speaking her mind.

  2. Two comments by the author about Nrithya’s participation is at best in poor taste and at worst very threatening.

    “In the meanwhile, such corrosive bitterness could stand in the way of artistic growth of the person concerned.” and “Nrithya Pillai would be well advised to develop a more healthy attitude which will not stunt her own growth as an artist.”

    The author who seems to be well read would do well to take this opportunity to examine her choice of words. There is no connection between Nrithya’s “artistic growth” and her opinions. Yet, she writes as though it is a matter of fact. If it is, then it indicates discrimination.

    The author surely owes her readers what she meant by those veiled threats.

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  4. I presume from the article and comments pursuant , that the writer has gone beyond being subjective of the discussion. She has been dogmatic views of and about one of the speakers. I cannot fathom her intentions, but clearly she has been judgemental rather than anything else. Clearly deviating from the narrative of this debate. I have no reservations what so ever to deem it very unapologetically Biased...

  5. Nurturing Dogmatic views (apologies)

  6. I got introduced to Nritya Pillai on reading an article in her Orkut page. I think it was an enlightening work on Bharatanatyam and the caste factor in it. It also made me understand how the baby had been thrown along with the bathwater with the abolition of Devadasi act. Whilst the art form itself was not degrading, it was the caste hierarchy that was degrading in the way it oppressed the dancing community.
    Now, when one lone woman from the community participated and opinionates; all forms of caustic hatred is spewed, young and old brahminical collaborators have upheld the view of Leela Venkatraman.
    It is a shameful act of ganging up to gag the voice of the invisible. This cruelty is worse than the actual acts of the brahmin predators preying on the community during the time Devadasi system prevailed.