Friday, 23 November 2018

Interview - Whichever medium you see it on, the make-up should be natural on the dancer: Brij Mohan Gupta - Shveta Arora

A dancer on the stage depicts a romantic scene between the nayak and the nayika. She expresses her love through her eyes and sensuousness through her lips as they tremble. As the nayak pulls her towards him, her face lights up, her cheeks radiant. And then, in the next scene, we see a nritta piece, in which the feet of the dancer move across the stage in different movements. It's as if the alta-reddened feet are a different entity altogether in this piece of dance. The hastas, the hand gestures are used to depict certain animate and inanimate objects, each finger beautifully made up to be seen by a house full of spectators. And then you wonder, who is this make-up artist who has made the dancer look so beautiful, and so expressive. 

Brij Mohan Gupta is a make-up artist very well-known in dance circles for his expertise. During a recent talk with photographer Avinash Pasricha, I learnt that Brij Mohan Gupta has made up many dancers for his photographs too. Brij Mohan, who has worked with dancers, theatre artists and others for decades, worked as a make-up artist with Doordarshan television, and now freelances. 

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