Thursday 3 August 2017

Obit/Tribute - Shanta Serbjeet Singh (Jan 11, 1936 - Aug 2, 2017)- Ashish Mohan Khokar

Shanta Serbjeet Singh is no more. She passed away on 2 August 2017. Felled by a mild stroke two years ago, she recovered partially and managed bravely and even ventured out occasionally to attend important functions like the World Dance Day on April 29 organized by the Chandrans, at the IIC, Delhi. They honoured her with a lifetime contribution award and a purse too. As had Anita Ratnam through Abhai last year and attenDance a year earlier. Shanta ji was so cultured her last comments to me when I last had supper with her just 2 weeks ago (15 July) was: "I have not written a THANK YOU note to Abhai or attenDance. Whom do I write to?" 

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  1. What a befitting and poetic tribute��. As powerful as her work, as lucid and loving as her every living moment. Om Shanti

  2. A beautiful tribute to Shantaji, Ashish. Thank you so much. I knew Shantiji in my time in Delhi and even before, always gracious and a great pillar to the dance world. In her passing, it is the ending of era. Very sad indeed. Avanthi

  3. Sad indeed. I considered her as my first guru since through reading her columns in news paper only I became more serious student of dance at Kanpur. She once wrote to me that " Art wash away sins" she was kind to encourage me writing on various subjects. She once asked to write in Hindi. That means she wanted to popularise arts among people reading Hindi. She always tried to help. Great pillar she was