Tuesday 19 April 2016

Article - Art takes artists to distant shores - P Praveen Kumar

The welcome sign said since “Bogota is 2600 meters above sea level, on the first few days of stay you may feel dizziness or slight headaches; if you get this, don’t worry, it’s completely  normal” and it said the city has serious security problems (What an exciting welcome!). But eventually, all was fine with me and the rest of my group.
As we checked  into the Tenquandam Hotel, all of us were given an individual room and with  great excitement, I opened the curtain of my room to enjoy the view of  Bogota city (I was in 6th  floor), tall buildings, subways, underpasses, cars, bicycles zooming in and out like any other  foreign land, and I notice one more important thing… Men with guns! Yes, these are the policemen patrolling or standing all around the city. In fact, sometimes on late evenings one can   see more of these policemen than the usual crowd on the streets.

These were some of the experiences of my trip to perform in a theatre festival, but before this, the exciting news of me getting invited to Colombia to perform was on a different level because South America conjures visions of hills, adventures, the wonders of nature, coffee, crime at its  peak, drugs, all the necessary components of a crazy  exploration. So for me it was YESSSSS!

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