Sunday 6 March 2016

Obit / Tribute - Kalanidhi Maami - Manjula Amaresh

Kalanidhi Narayanan (fondly called as Maami) used to visit Dubai to see her son. I had moved to Dubai with my husband Amaresh. I had heard about and watched many of Maami’s abhinaya. Through Deepa Ganesh, (another disciple of Kalanidhi Narayanan) I got to know that Maami was conducting an abhinaya workshop. Though it was a 2 hour drive (one way) to Maami’s house, I didn’t want to lose the opportunity to learn from the great veteran. 

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  1. Manjula's tribute to Kalanidhi Maami. Appreciate her genuine love regard of Maami whom we all loved and admired.
    Manjula has of course learned Padams from Maami. When students mention that they are disciples of a particular teacher and learned Abhinaya from Maami, it sounds a bit odd, as though the teachers do not teach Abhinaya. We do teach in depth abhinaya while teaching the repertoire.
    I think, they may claim or add to their credit having learned few 'Padams from Maami. But total credit for a student's abhinaya proves cannot be accredited to Maami alone. or the disciples could say in their bio data that they had the privilege of learning a few Abhinaya padams from Kalanidhi Maami.
    Naatyaachaarya V.P.Dhananjayan