Friday, 26 February 2016

Obit / Tribute - Remembering Maami: an Abhinaya Sudha student’s perspective - Dr Annapoorna Kuppuswamy

Cycling from LB Road in Chennai, in the vicinity of Ganapathyram theatre, to Shastrinagar to attend dance, music, theory, nattuvangam and abhinaya classes at Abhinaya Sudha is by far the most lasting memory of my childhood and one person who is undeniably associated with all these classes is Kalanidhi maami. Yes, maami did not just teach abhinaya, but a select few had the privilege of being trained entirely at Abhinaya Sudha where maami, who had the foresight to see the importance of holistic training, brought in the best teachers around town and abroad to train us in all aspects of Bharatanatyam.

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