Sunday 5 July 2015

Seen & Heard by Lakshmi Viswanathan - Yagnaraman - a tribute to the proverbial Sabha Secretary, a cultural phenomenon of our city

At the inauguration of the Yagnaraman July Fest in Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, I was invited to speak about the pioneer of dance festivals who had served the sabha for fifty one years.
YAGNARAMAN... the name denotes one who does a Yagam. He indeed has done Yagam for dance and music. A man of vision and fine taste. One can find many things to say about someone like him. Some people may think I am exaggerating. I follow what Rukmini Devi used to say. Do not find faults in greatness..... great people are also human... appreciate the good things and learn from their example.

I have to begin with my personal association with Yagnaraman. 

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