Thursday 23 April 2015

Roses & Thorns - Some questions need to be asked - Madhavi Puranam

Can you ask questions, raise issues, and seek answers?
No, you dare not. The powers that be will come down hard and reduce you to the status of a pariah, a social outcast, an English word of pure Tamil origin. But some questions need to be asked. Nartanam has never shied away from taking up issues. However, our initiatives would be worth the courage, only if the other stake holders of dance deliberate and follow them up with concrete action without fear or favour. For any purposeful and meaningful action we need sensitive, competent and courageous leaders. Sadly, dance administration, festival organisers, academics, writers, performers, and gurus have rarely seen leaders of substance emerge from amongst them in recent times. 

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  1. Thanks a lot for bringing out this topic!
    1. Archiving of dance & accessibility to the same: What is the use of archiving if it is not helping the next generation of dancers? Thanks to few institutes (I am not mentioning the same, just not to bring in favoritism) who painstakingly have archived information on dance and have made it accessible to upcoming dancers. Another group with larger archives is DD (doorsarshan). I really doubt the same is accessible to outsiders! These people should come up some means/channel through which the upcoming artists/dancers can access the same without violating the 'copyrights'. Sharing of knowledge will only help grow the art form. Next generation will be the ambassadors of the art form & help prevent extinction of the art form! Else someone will hack the same and sell it online like the DD archives which were sold in the past (Discussed at length earlier by Dr. Ananda Shankar in roses & thorns)