Saturday, 7 February 2015

TRENDING by Ashish Mohan Khokar - Here and Now (or how)!

Having written for a decade for narthaki, I re-read some of my Dance History columns and reports and reviews and realised while, as a specialist, I was sharing snippets of our history and heritage, what also interested me were trends and young India. The word - TRENDING - caught my attention. Trending Now. Young India is trending says Twitter. The nation wants to know! The people of India want to know...!
Young India wants to do, not merely know. It wants to know what its future with dance is. Their future. Period. Most are not interested in heritage and history and even seeing other’s work. Young India just wishes to perform and get known. Young India has the brains for being smart and enough substance to get by but most are increasingly outsourcing their wares. Smart phones are no substitute for smart people. Young India is on another trip. A trip of self discovery and self projection. Add self absorption. When an sms can go viral, a visual can cause an epidemic, what of a million mutinies that the dance world exposes one to?

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