Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Obit/Tribute - Kathak performer and Guru Pt Chitresh Das passes away at 70

Pandit Chitresh Das, born on 9th November 1944, passed away of acute aortic dissection in San Francisco on 4th January 2015.  He was at his home when he suffered the condition. Pt. Das lives on through his wife Celine, daughters Shivaranjani and Saadhvi, his brother Ritesh Das, his disciples and students who will take his legacy forward.
In 2009, Pandit Das received the highest honour bestowed by the American government for a traditional artist - The National Heritage Fellowship by the National Endowment of the Arts. ‘Kathak Day’ and ‘Indian Music and Dance Day’ have been declared in the city of San Francisco in his honour. A prolific artist, his traditional performances, choreography and evolution of Kathak, influenced the art form world-wide.

Pt. Das’s contribution to the world of art remains unparalleled. He worked tirelessly to bring peace and harmony through art and devoted his whole life to developing Indian classical arts and creating a legacy of knowledge and learning for future generations, both in India and abroad. He was born and trained in a time and tradition that drew heavily from both Hindu and Islamic influence on Kathak and classical music and he worked towards bringing this concept of unity and harmony to the world thorough his work. He built bridges between countries and communities through dance and this remains the message of his life. He passed away on a date that is considered auspicious in Hindu, Jain and Muslim calendars.

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