Sunday 20 April 2014

Profile - Bharatanatyam guru Adyar K Lakshman Compiled by Lalitha Venkat

Adyar Lakshman's many years of study and interaction with Kalakshetra’s artists provided rich and meaningful experience to Lakshman. Rukmini Devi saw Lakshman’s talents develop even during the initial years of his education. Upon his graduation she gave him the opportunity to take part in Kalakshetra’s world famous dance productions such as Kutrala Kuruvanji and Kumarasambhavam. He played the role of Janaka in the Ramayana series Sita Swayamvaram, as Shiva in Usha Parinayam which was a Bhagavathamela natya natakam from Melattur. Lakshman also trained in Kathakali under maestros Ambu Panicker and Chandu Panicker. His most notable appearance in Kathakali was as Sudhama in Kuchela Vrittam. He danced with Rukmini Devi in kuravanji Kumarasambhavam with her as Parvathi and he as young brahmin Vatu. Lakshman is one of the privileged few to have shared the stage with Rukmini Devi when she danced in her productions.

 On leaving Kalakshetra, Lakshman felt there was a necessity to become a teacher more than a dancer. He taught for more than a decade in Vyjayantimala Bali's school Natyalaya, where he honed his skills as a choreographer of merit, assisting in productions like Tiruppavai, Azhagar Kuravanji, Chandalika and Sanga Tamizh Malai. He founded his own dance school Bharatha Choodamani Academy of Fine Arts on August 22, 1969. He has trained many dancers including Anita Ratnam, Jayanthi Subramaniam, Padmini Chari, Kamadev, Bragha Bessell, Roja Kannan, Mavin Khoo and Ramli Ibrahim to name a few. Trained in close adherence to the traditional Kalakshetra style, many of his star students have established their own dance schools in India and abroad. 

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  1. Lakshman Sir is a living embodiment of the great gurus of Indian culture. To be his sishya in this lifetime, is the best blessing any sincere aspirant of natya yoga can have. Saluting the greatest of natya acharyas of our beloved bharatam.